Sponsors program renamed to "Hosting"

Early April this year we announced the sponsors program to allow limited advertisement on our site. It turned out that the only serious enquiries were form hosting (…)


A plugin for the popular social network button tool from

Zenphoto 1.4.3 Release Beta

We are pleased to announce that the next feature update to Zenphoto is now available in beta. The "trunk" nightly build files now contain this release so you can experience the enhancements by downloading and installing the latest nightly trunk (…)


Zenphoto is a bugfix release of the recent 1.4.2 branch. It will be the last release of the 1.4.2 branch. As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes.  (…)

Gallery2 to Zenphoto Migration

An extended Perl script based on several solutions posted online. Used with Menalto Gallery 2.3.x and Zenphoto 1.4.3.

Google reverse geocode

This Zenphoto Plugin reverses geocodes images with GPS data using Google's Geocode API. Reverse geocoding is the process of back (reverse) coding of a point (…)

Showcase changes (4-22-2012)

Showcase site entries are now (roughly) tagged about how the sites use Zenphoto, e.g. standalone or in combination with others. (…)

The myth of Zenphoto being dead

Recently this "myth" was discussed a little on Twitter. We wondered as well. The reason was actually just our logo and the 5th anniversary button we used since 2010 being misunderstood: (…)

Legacy RSS redirections to be removed in Zenphoto 1.4.3 [Update]

We earlier forgot to mention that in 1.4.3 the rss handling is changed a little more. Sorry for that. Here is the updated post.  The rss links had been changed in Zenphoto 1.4 over a year ago (…)


Zenphoto is a bugfix and security release of the recent 1.4.2 branch.  As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. See the changes on trac for more (…)