A plugin for the jQuery script jPlayer for displaying video and audio files.

New Nightly Builds

We are pleased to announce that our nightly build process has been augmented. There are now two builds being created. One for support of the current Zenphoto release and one for new development. Check out the files (

You will see two different pairs of files for each night. One set (zip and gz) for the Trunk and one for Development. (These words appear in the name after the build date.)

Trunk builds are made from bug fixes to the currently released version of Zenphoto. You should feel confident using these builds as they contain only fixes to problems identified in in the release. You may even be directed to install one of these builds in response to a problem you have reported.

Development builds represent the future of Zenphoto. Eventually this branch of changes will become the next release of Zenphoto. (...)


Zenphoto is a minor bugfix release of the recent 1.4 branch. As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes.

See the changes on trac for more information.

3rd party theme updates for 1.4!

Since we changed a few details regarding themes with the Zenphoto 1.4 release we did one of our quite rare test runs of all third party themes we list on our site.

We also decided to update those older 3rd party themes that we host to be roughly compatible (an  exception to normally not supporting these.)  We re-added the simple+ theme we also roughly updated. These themes remain minimally featured and are still not officially supported.

One of these themes, the Garland theme, will become distributed with Zenphoto 1.4.1. It is an adaption of a Wordpress theme (which is the adaption of a Drupal theme actually) made by the former team member aitf311 years ago.

We threw out a few themes that were just minor clones of the stopdesign theme and the default theme and therefore did not add real value anymore :

  • stoppeddesign
  • thinkdreams
  • highslide (legally an issue anyway since the Highslide script is not GPL)
  • (...)


This is a just a bugfix release for 1.4 without new features. Changes can be viewed on the trunk (svn) as usual:

Changes to the Zenphoto repository (SVN)

This note is important for anyone using either the Nightly Builds or the SVN Repository.

We are changing the method of development and support of the Zenphoto codebase. Henceforth there will be two branches in the SVN. One representing the stable builds of the current Zenphoto release, in this case v1.4 and one representing the development of the next release. This will make it easier for us to continue developing new features for Zenphoto while also providing needed bug fixes to users of the current release.

Then nightly builds will now be made from the stable branch of fixes for the current release. You should feel confident of the stability of these Nightly builds.  We may add nightly builds from the development branch as well. If so, they will be clearly labeled. (These will naturally come with more risk as they contain the new development. But typically they have also been stable.)

The “Trunk” branch of the SVN will be the stable (...)

Bug fixes for 1.4

We will attempt to maintain fixes to base 1.4 issues on ticket #1776 for those of you not wishing to use the nightly build.

The nightly builds now represent the bug fixes for the 1.4 release. See also changes to the zenphoto repository svn

Of course, at some point it will become impractical to continue making fixes as the two sources drift apart. We will note on this ticket when we stop making updates

Theme design changes in Zenphoto 1.4

Note: This article already had been published in September 2009 under the title "Theme design changes that will appear in Zenphoto 1.3.2". Since 1.3.2 was skipped in favor of 1.4 it is now being republished.

With the 1.4 release we have undertaken some revisions to how themes should normally be coded. They are summarized below:

New filters have been defined to allow plugins to insert HTML in strategic locations on the WEB page.

  1. theme_head: Every theme should include a call on zp_apply_filter('theme_head'); within the heading ( ) tags of the page. This function replaces the call on zenJavascript(); of older Zenphoto versions. That function is now deprecated. You can continue to use it while transitioning to the new call by enabling the deprecated_functions plugin. Plugins which used the addPluginScript() function should instead create a filter for theme_head.
  2. (...)


This plugin is an example demonstrating the use of the various image_html filters. Each effect is defined by a text file these sections (no individual section is required).

Documents the source of the effect

Each effect will have a head section that contains the HTML to be emitted in the theme head.

Elements from this section will be added to the class element of the <img src="src" alt="image" /> tag.

It is also possible to create a extra section for html that will be inserted into the <img src="src" alt="image" /> just befor the />. This can be used to insert style="..." or other elements.

file path
Used specially for Effenberger effects, but applicable to similar situations. (...)

Zenphoto 1.4

IMPORTANT NOTES: This release includes some major internal restructuring of the object model. This also involves the Zenpage plugin whose categories are now objects like the articles and pages already were.

Additionally the root RSS files have been removed which results in new links to call the RSS feeds. Although we have added htaccess redirection so the links should not break (given you have mod_rewrite of course) you should inform your subscribers about the new links. The same applies to the sitemap-extended plugin.

Also there were some more minor changes to theming and plugin creations. Please review the related tutorials.

  • Major internal restructuring and improvement of the object model for Zenphoto and Zenpage plugin [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Abstraction of the Database interface allowing databases other than MySQl to be implemented (...)