Older versions archive

Here you can download older versions of Zenphoto. The latest official release can also be downloaded from the download page or our (…)

Security reports that do not make sense

Probably some of you reading on Twitter have seen quite numerous (re)tweets about security issues in Zenphoto. We are little upset about the way these sites act so we feel forced to comment on these now. There is a website that purports (…)


This is plugin for display pictures on a Google Map Uses : CodeIgniter Google Maps API V3 Class (hacked for Zenphoto needs) ( (…) now Zenphoto only!

Our main website was driven by several systems since the release of Zenphoto 1.1 in 2007: Wordpress (…)


Plugin to use highlighter GeSHi PHP on Zenpage pages and articles.


Installs and configures Zenphoto 1.3. from a public repository on github including a proper vhost for your Apache webserver. Please note that you still need to run setup.php within your browser to finish the installation process of Zenphoto.

zenHttpbl (HTTP Blacklist)

zenHttpbl is a spambot/harvester blocking tool. zenHttpbl is a Zenphoto plug-in implementation of Project Honey Pot's HTTP:BL system

Support changes - Forum to be closed

Note: Of course this is our traditional April Fools joke for this year we simply can't resist to do...;-) Although the Twitter account is indeed real it probably will not be that much used. The Zenphoto team (…)

Tickets and tickets comments now moderated on the bugtracker

Because of heavy spamming on the bugtracker ticket system we have now enabled moderation of tickets and ticket comments. Please don't double post if your new ticket or ticket comment does not appear automatically after submitting.

RSS based javascript slideshow script

A little script that uses the Zenphoto RSS feed as data source for a javascript slideshow. The idea is, you can place this elsewhere on the same site or even on another domain. It uses PHP and CURL.