Bug fixes for 1.4

We will attempt to maintain fixes to base 1.4 issues on ticket #1776 for those of you not wishing to use the nightly (…)

Theme design changes in Zenphoto 1.4

Note: This article already had been published in September 2009 under the title "Theme design changes that will appear in Zenphoto 1.3.2". Since 1.3.2 was skipped in favor of 1.4 it is now being republished. With (…)


This plugin is an example demonstrating the use of the various image_html filters. Each effect is defined by a text file these sections (no individual section is required). ... Documents the source of the effect (…)

Zenphoto 1.4

IMPORTANT NOTES: This release includes some major internal restructuring of the object model. This also involves the Zenpage plugin whose categories are now objects like the articles and pages already were. (…)

Hebrew translation


Hackers often use "probing" or "password guessing" to attempt to breach your site This plugin can help to throttle these attacks. It works by monitoring failed logon attempts. If a defined threashold is exceeded by requests from a particular IP (…)


This plugin gathers data about searches that users make on your site. Notes on the analysis of the data: The search results used for Dynamic album processing are ignored. Analysis presumes that the Theme does a "uniform" (…)


Provides functionality to select different templates for the standard theme pages album.php, image.php and for Zenpage pages.php and news.php. The additional template files have to be clones of the (…)

Help Wanted: Database abstraction

Zenphoto is persuing adding database support for databases other than MySQL. To this end we have created a database abstraction layer and implemented two additional abstractions: PDO_MySQL and PDO_SQLite. The former is pretty straight (…)

Multi-lingual sites

Zenphoto is fully capable of running multilingual sites if you want to provide your content in more than one language. "Content" means data stored in your database such as image and album descriptions. The multi-lingual mode option (…)