Lets you create custom menus and place them on your theme pages.

Use the Menu tab to create your menus. Use printCustomMenu() to place them on your pages.

This plugin is recommend for customized themes only that do not use the standard Zenphoto display structure. Standard Zenphoto functions like the breadcrumb functions or the next_album() loop for example will NOT take care of this menu's structure!



Provides functions to print a tag cloud/list of all image tags from an album (optionally including the subalbums) or the album tags including sub album tags. Or alternatively a tag cloud/list of all tags used by either Zenpage news articles or pages.

Note: The optional counter prints the total number of the tag used, not just for the select items (as clicking on it will return all anyway.)



A quota management system to limit the sum of sizes of uploaded images.

Set the default quota on the plugin options page. You can change the quota for individual users on the Admin tab. Users with ADMIN_RIGHTS or MANAGE_ALL_ALBUM_RIGHTS are not subject to quotas and will not be assigned ownership of an image.

Images uploaded by a user will be marked as his and will count toward his quota. Images uploaded via FTP or from the files tab will not necessarily have an owner assigned.

You may also assign the complete set of images in an albums to a user. (Just the images in the album. If you want to assign images from subalbums, you need to do that for each subalbum.)

A user who exceeds his quota will not be allowed to upload more files.

Because of the difficulty of policing quotas when ZIP files are uploaded this plugin has an option to diable ZIP file (...)


JavaScript thumb nav plugin with dynamic loading of thumbs on request via JavaScript. Place printjCarouselThumbNav() on your theme's image.php where you want it to appear.

Supports theme based custom css files (place jcarousel.css and needed images in your theme's folder).



Provides automatic hitcounter counting for Zenphoto objects


Provides the means to set an limit of the number of images that can be uploaded to an album in total. Of course this is bypassed if using FTP upload or ZIP files! If you want to limit the latter you need to use the quota_manager plugin additionally. NOTE: The http browser single file upload is disabled if using this plugin!


A backend plugin that displays the lastest news articles from the RSS news feed from on Zenphoto's backend overview page. An adaption of RSS Extractor and Displayer (c) 2007-2009 - License Mozilla 1.1.

Forum to be closed down

Note: This is of course an April Fool's joke..:-)

We have long thought about this and we don't do it lightheartedly but we will not provide the free and extensive support we have provided in the past anymore. Therefore we will close down the public forum by the end of this month.

Instead we will provide paid support only for users who sign in for monthly subscriptions. We are following the trend of paid content as exemplified by formerly free websites of newspapers like the London Times.

We appreciate the positive feedback of our users. However donations have become less and less over the last year while the traffic due to the success of Zenphoto raises our server costs constantly. Of course, there is also the hours we spend developing (...)


This is an example filter for 'admin_login_attempt'

Note: Your server must be configured so that your php scripts run as the owner of the files
they create otherwise this script will fail due when file security on the server blocks it
from writing to the log file.

Drag and drop sorting issue in Zenphoto 1.2.9

Sadly we just found out that the update to jQuery 1.4.2 breaks our drag and drop sorting for albums and Zenpage pages. However, the fix is rather easy. Just replace the jquery.js within zp-core/js/jquery.js with the jQuery 1.4.1 release. Tonight's nightly build will also contain this revertion.

The reason is probably that we rely on an older nested tree sortable script using the jQuery UI predecessor Interface. Except for this issue it is still working great. We looked at some newer scripts but we have not found any replacement that is as easy and convenient to adapt. We would be open for suggestions though.