Zenphoto 1.2.5 RC1 Out for Testing

For the 1.2.5 release, we've decided to encourage more testing and community involvement by releasing a Release Candidate build one to two weeks before the final release. We hope this is convenient and allows you to easily test new features and give (…)

Zenphoto 1.2.5

Exifer libary fixes [Special thanks to bharat of the Menalto Gallery team] Additional filters [sbillard] (…)

Danish translation

Back on Trac

Icelandic translation

Trac Down

Trac is unfortunately down while I work out some bugs from an upgrade. On the plus side, the server is now running the latest and greatest of all the backend software. If you've got urgent bug reports, you can use the forums to bring them to our (…)

Zenphoto Roadmap

Note: As a preface, this is an April Fool's joke. Zenphoto is as active as ever, and we hope to keep making it even better. With the release of our latest version, Zenphoto 1.2.4, (…)

Some site updates

Besides the release of Zenphoto 1.2.4 also our site saw some updates. The themes and the showcase sections (…)

Zenphoto 1.2.4

Passwords for protected images [sbillard] Setup improvements: File/folder permissions security [sbillard] Gallery statistics extended for tags and Zenpage items [acrylian] Mixed field/tag searches in boolean expressions [sbillard] Media (…)

Zenpage - A CMS plugin for Zenphoto

Zenphoto is already the easiest gallery management system available but it does not have any normal page management capability. Therefore many people use Zenphoto in combination with another CMS. With Zenpage you can now extend the (…)