Pre-announcement: Zenpage - a CMS plugin for Zenphoto

Some may heard of this side project our team member acrylian was working on for some time and a few of you even may already wait for it. You can now watch a small fun pre-announcement teaser movie on Google video: http:/ (…)

How to use the Dynamic Albums feature

Dynamic album basics Albums in Zenphoto are physical and based on a folder on the file system. Dynamic albums are albums created dynamically based on a search, so technically a saved search. Therefore they update themselves if the (…)


A glossary to define a few terms regarding Zenphoto. Admin The administration backend of zenphoto. Also called the backend. Album The actual collection of images (and movies) that are within a folder within the "albums" folder. Albums folder (…)

Zenphoto 1.2 Release Announcement

The Zenphoto team is proud to announce the release of Zenphoto 1.2! This is a major point release with several new features complete, as you can see in the changelog. The 1.2 release includes complete translation support and several (…)

Zenphoto 1.2

Move/copy/rename albums and images [trisweb] Mutli-lingual content support [sbillard] Separate plugin translation capability [acrylian, sbillard] Lots of security/vulnerability fixes [krainbolt] Admin backend improvements (…)

Spanish translation

Installation and Upgrading

NOTE: There are a number of 3rd party install scripts available for Zenphoto (and other CMS). These scripts are often used by webhosts to provide "one-click-installs". Scripts such as SimpleScripts version 3 seem to execute each of the (…)

Re-running setup files

Sometimes Zenphoto will request you to re-run the setup scripts and doing that lists files that might be a problem. This is a security measure if Zenphoto detects a change on your install. These can be files whose file time is off to the rest of (…)


Server requirements To operate Zenphoto efficiently, you need (our setup script will also tell you about possible problems): A web server with at least 25Mb of free space (plus free space for images and (…)

Content of the Zenphoto package

The Zenphoto package consists of these root items after extracting. This is what you need to upload.  Note: Your FTP program should be set to merge files within the package folders with folders in an existing insallation. (…)