Translations (gettext) not working on some servers with mod_perl enabled

In case you notice that translations are not working on your site: This is out of our hands. The reason is a bug in Apache's mod_perl module on some server configurations which conflicts with the native PHP (…)

Extract images from e-mails to album

A script to extract images from emails and add them to a ZenphotoCMS album by simply emailing them to a dedicated mailbox. This is not a plugin and is needs to be used outside of ZenphotoCMS itself.

Third party theme Multiverse 2.1 released

Antonio Ranesi has released version 2.1 of his theme Multiverse, now with OpenStreetMap plugin support and a standard image.php theme page. You can read all about it on the project page on (…)

Tidy Assets

A plugin to rearrange Zenphoto resources. Tidy Assets shifts all Zenphoto JavaScript items to the bottom of the body element, including inline scripts and optionally CSS resources as well. This can improve the user experience on their (…)

Zenphoto 1.5.7

This is a bugfix and security release. Developer note This will be possibly the last 1.5.x release. We will only try to fix serious bugs. The 1.5.x release stream is therefore frozen now. The next release will hopefully be the (…)

15th anniversary

15 years ago the first version of Zenphoto was released. On to the next 15! (…)


A simple plugin to display latest public images from a public Instagram accout.


A simple plugin to display latest public images from a public Flickr accout.

Third party theme zpBootstrap 2.3 update

Vincent4569 has updated his theme zpBootstrap and it is now also hosted on GitHub. Read more about the update here: (…)

Zenphoto 1.5.6

This is a bugfix release. General Fix issue with too strict backend HTTP security headers breaking the jQuery-uploader [acylian] Plugins openstreetmap: Fix undefined (…)