Using Zenphoto on local servers

Local virtual server packages like MAMP*, WAMP or XAMPP are very useful to test your ZenphotoCMS website (…)


Add the Chosen.js jQuery plugin to the 'album' select list in Zenphoto, so that you can search by name This plugin uses external sources

Zenphoto 1.5.1

This is a bugfix and rather minor security release. We apologize that it took so long again. Security Open URL redirection issue on logging in fixed [acrylian, Thanks to security-provensec for the report] Too (…)

Zenji - A forgotten theme re-discovered

Before we lost contact with our former team member gjr he had sent a theme named zenji for review. For some reason it was forgotten in the depths of our hard drives but we recently re-discovereed it. It (…)

Third party themes libratus and zpBase forked

Some may have noticed that gjr’s themes/repositories libratus and zpBase did not show any activity for quite some time. Sadly we lost contact with him some time ago, too. From what we know, it is probably just his full time day job – which is not (…)

Developer note: The “mysterious” next major release

For quite some time now there is mention of a "next major release" and the recent release version 1.5 of course was not it yet. We feel that we owe an update on this and are sorry you have to wait this long but rest assured that we are working on (…)

Zenphoto 1.5

Sorry that it took a bit longer (or as some may say too long) for this bugfix and minor security update. But some personal family related cirumstances ate a lot time the last months. And this is not the next major release we talked about every (…) and privacy

Now that the GDPR has taken effect we like to tell you about data usage on our site. Our site does not collect much data. Our site actually consists of four sub sites: The main (…)

Privacy considerations

If you run a website and especially if you are located in the EU you should have heard about this General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) by now and be prepared for it already. So we can’t and won’t go into detail about the GDPR here. That (…)


A plugin that enables the bulk move of images between albums based on search criteria