Helper page for Zenphoto, enabling the bulk tagging of images and albums based on search criteria.


The popular picture gallery CMS for Docker.

Zenphoto vagrant

This is a Vagrant project to quickly setup a virtual machine with a ready-to-install Zenohoto instance. This project uses Vagrant multi machine feature, therefore two different (…)

Zenphoto 1.4.14

This is a bugfix and security release. The security issue affects specifially the third party phpmailer library used by the PHPMailer plugin. More info on that on (…)

Zenphoto 1.4.13

This is a minor bugfix release.  General Follow-up fixes regarding the new dirty form check on the backend [fretzl] Some fixes regarding PHP 7 compatibility [fretzl] New parameter (…)

Serious ImageMagick vulnerabilities discovered

In case you haven't heard about there were some serious vulnerabilites in ImageMagick discovered: There are multiple vulnerabilities in ImageMagick, (…)

Zenphoto 1.4.12

This is a bugfix and minor security release. General Fixes a RFI and – on older PHP versions – possible LFI security issues on log downloads on the backend [acrylian - Thanks to Tim Coen/Curesec] (…)

Third party theme: Paradigm 1.1 released

Olivier Ffrench has released an update of his responsive theme and also modified the look a bit. Take a look at the screenshots below or see the theme in action on his (…)

Animation: Evolution of zenphoto (Gource Visualization)


New in the showcase gallery: Genesis Farm and Gardens, Lorien Beijaert, The Outlook For Someday