Zenphoto 1.5.5

This is a bugfix and minor security release.  General "updateddate" is now set for an album and/or parents if file system contents change ("lastchange" which all item types have is for non file system content like title, (…)

Third party themes added to Zenphoto demo site

Just some quick info that we have added a few third party themes to the Zenphoto demo site for previewing. zpArdoise by Vincent (…)

Zenphoto 1.5.4

This is a bugfix release. General Fixes broken redirection after successful login via main admin form [acrylian – Thanks to UDZGure and GaneshKandu] Template password form (as used on a theme's password.php) now (…)

Zenphoto 1.5.3

This is a bugfix release. General Fix serious bug of redirectURL() unintentionally breaking setup on fresh installs [acrylian] Extend allowed tags option defaults to include HTML5 (…)

Argentinian Spanish translation

Bolivian Spanish translation

Uruguayan Spanish translation

US American Spanish translation

Latin American Spanish translation

Zenphoto 1.5.2

Sadly 1.5.2 includes a serious bug preventing fresh installs. We try to fix this as soon as possible This is a bugfix and security release. Security Fixes XSS issue (…)