reCaptcha v2 handler (

Adapted from the third paryty noCaptcha reCaptcha plugin by Ben Feather (Epsilon) for Zenphoto 1.5

Privacy Note: This plugin embeds the external reCaptcha JavaScript library from Google's servers



Allows registered users to select and manage "favorite" Zenphoto objects. Currently just images & albums are supported.

Note: If the multi mode option is enabled there may be multiple instances of a user's favorites.
When an object is added to favorites, an identifier maybe specified. (The Add buttons will include a text field for the name of the instance.) If specified that is the "name" of the favorites instance that will contain the object.
If the name is left empty the object will be added to the un-named favorite instance.

Note: If the tag_suggest plugin is enabled there will be suggestions made for the text field much like the "tag suggestions" for searching.

If an object is contained in multiple favorites there will be multiple remove buttons.
The button will have the favoirtes (...)


This is a shell plugin for legacy external SPAM filters.

The plugin will load the spam filter defined by the spam_filter option if it is found in the plugins/spamfilter folder. This allows older third-party spam filters to continue to be used.



Inserts or removes the qualifiers from the version file so that the install is switched between a "debug" release and a normal release.


This is a "simple" SPAM filter. It uses a word black list and checks for excessive URLs


This is a shell plugin for SPAM filtering. It does almost nothing, but serves as the template for more robust SPAM filters.


Zenphoto default CAPTCHA handler.



Zenphoto 1.4.4


  • GitHub replaces SVN for managing Zenphoto source. This migration eliminates the need for nightly builds as updates to the Zenphoto release may be easily downloaded from the Zenphoto repository. A further advantage of this change is that fixes are available immediately, no need to wait until the next morning to try a fix. Trac has also been discontinued. Submit bug reports and new feature requests with GitHub Issues. [Thanks to Trisweb for managing the migration.]
  • Better support of non-Apache WEB servers. [sbillard ”“Thanks to Fretzl and Michgagnon for test environments.]
  • Pagination added to the plugin & plugin options tabs. In addition, plugins are now organized by class and there is a sub (...)

Move to GitHub complete ”“ Trac/SVN abandoned

github_logo_social_coding_outlinedAs previously announced we have now completed our move to GitHub for development version control. You find it now under this address:

Please don't use the old bugtracker on Trac anymore and if you are using SVN to get updates please update your workflow. We don't look at Trac tickets anymore and there will not be any updates to the SVN repository anymore as well.


Zenphoto is a bugfix release and the last of the 1.4.3 branch before the next bigger release 1.4.4. Fixes affect reCaptcha, GoogleMaps, jPlayer, RSS and logout functionality.

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. For more detailed info about the fixes please review the bugtracker tickets and use an svn client.