The plugin provides two services: IP address filtering Detection of password probing attempts IP address filtering: Allows/Denies access to the gallery to specified IP (…)


reCaptcha v2 handler ( Adapted from the third paryty noCaptcha reCaptcha plugin by Ben Feather (Epsilon) (…)


Allows registered users to select and manage "favorite" Zenphoto objects. Currently just images & albums are supported. Note: If the multi mode option is enabled there may be multiple instances of a user's (…)


This is a shell plugin for legacy external SPAM filters. The plugin will load the spam filter defined by the spam_filter option if it is found in the plugins/spamfilter folder. This allows older (…)


Inserts or removes the qualifiers from the version file so that the install is switched between a "debug" release and a normal release.


This is a "simple" SPAM filter. It uses a word black list and checks for excessive URLs


This is a shell plugin for SPAM filtering. It does almost nothing, but serves as the template for more robust SPAM filters.


Zenphoto default CAPTCHA handler.    

Zenphoto 1.4.4

General GitHub replaces SVN for managing Zenphoto source. This migration eliminates the need for nightly builds as updates to the Zenphoto release may be easily downloaded from the Zenphoto repository. A further (…)

Move to GitHub complete ”“ Trac/SVN abandoned

As previously announced we have now completed our move to (…)