PHP sendmail mailing handler.

Zenphoto 1.2.7 Changelog

Admin_general_data filters [sbillard] Strong Password enforcement option [sbillard] Admin multifile upload improvements [sbillard] Optionally exclude script pages from the gallery (…)

Imagick testers needed!

Our user kagutsuchi has taken over the task to add support for the graphics libary (…)

General contributor guidelines

Helping on the forum You are more than welcome to help on the forum by answering questions of users. Please remember that English is the forum language so most people have a chance to understand. If we see you helping a lot you may (…)

lighttpd rules

Rewrite rules for the lighttpd servers.

A little site restructuring

In case you have not noted we have done some restructuring on the site, mainly on the extensions section. We have divided (…)


A plugin to create simple text watermarks.


A really simple plugin allowing the use of Gravatar avatars in comments.


User group management. You can create groups with common rights and assign users to the groups. Then you can alter these user's rights simply by changing the group rights. Templates can also be used. The difference (…)


This is Zenphoto's unified comment handling facility Place a call on the function printCommentForm() in your script where you wish the comment items to appear. The plugin uses (…)