Provides an example of the use of the custom data filters


Provides extensions to the image utilities to crop images.

Places an image crop button in the image utilities box of the images tab. Note: this plugin permanently changes the image. There is no undo.


Translates accented characters to unaccented ones.


Adds data to newly created images and albums.


Filters out images/albums from the filesystem lists.


Processes a new comment posting, sending the post to all who have previously commented. This is an example filter. It does not, for instance, check to see if a previous poster is also an admin receiving email notifications anyway.

Spamfilter Spamassassin

This is plugin for Spamassassin filtering.

Spamfilter Mollom

This is a Mollom based SPAM filter. It uses the Mollom service to check spam. It also includes the Mollom class file and the Mollom captcha generator file.


Slideshow_flash is a Flash-based plugin for the Zenphoto web photo gallery application. It provides a simple-to-use slideshow which scales the images to the full browser window or to full screen with high quality scaling.


The plugin creates:

  • <meta> tags using general existing Zenphoto info like gallery description, tags or Zenpage news categories.
  • Support for <link rel="canonical" href="..." />
  • Open Graph tags for social sharing
  • Pinterest sharing tag

Just enable the plugin and the meta data will be inserted into your theme's <head> section. Use the plugin's options to choose which tags you want printed.