Set the "interval" to the number of days before expiration. Upon expiration, the user will be "disabled". He will not have login access to the gallery.

If the user visits the gallery within one week prior to his expiry date an email will be sent to the user (if there is an email address) warning him of the impending expiration.

There is a subtab added to the "admin" tab for managing expirations. A list of users without ADMIN_RITGHTS will be presented indicating each user's expiry date. Dates within one week of expiry are shown in orange, expired dates are shown in red.

From this tab the user may be removed, disabled (enabled) or renewed. Renewal is for a new "interval" from his last renewal (or the current date if adding the interval would not bring him up-to-date.)

NOTE: This plugin does not expire users with ADMIN_RIGHTS!



Provides users a means to log in or out from the theme pages.

Place a call on printUserLogin_out() where you want the link or form to appear.

Zenphoto now Tweets

Beginning with the Zenphoto 1.4.1 release Zenphoto has the ability to Tweet news and other newly published items. See the tweet_news plugin.

The Tweet for this article and for the Zenphoto 1.4.1 announcement are courtesy of this plugin.

Announcing Zenphoto v1.4.1 Beta

We are pleased to announce that the nightly builds "trunk" files now represent the beta release of Zenphoto 1.4.1. We welcome our users to try this release out ahead of its formal release.

By the way, the Zenphoto site is now running this beta release. We eat what we cook!

Paid support now available

Every now and then we get paid support request or request that exceed the free forum support. So we decided to launch a paid support page users can head to.


Detects Ogg Theora files (.ogv .ogg) and prints HTML5 markup for them with applet markup as a fallback, such as shown at


Zenphoto is a minor bugfix release of the recent 1.4 branch and the last minor update before 1.4.1. Therefore the trunk nightly build soon becomes 1.4.1 beta.

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. See the changes on trac for more information.

Zenphoto on Twitter

In case someone didn't notice we are on Twitter now (10 followers we indeed have..;-)). Well, we created that account for our traditional April fools joke this year originally. But since we have it now we will use it a bit.

But to be honest, you probably won't get more than actually a mirror of the news from this site. We just don't have the time to tweet that extensively...

Zenphoto Plugin Architecture

As from the 1.2 release Zenphoto contains an implementation of "plugins" so that the functionality of the product can be extended without "bloating" the core code. Only users of the plugin will require the resources it uses. This article describes the architecture of Zenphoto plugins. Plugins may come with the Zenphoto distribution or may be available for download from third party developers.

We have provided some example plugins to help with your understanding. Note that these plugins are not formally supported by the Zenphoto team.

Categories of plugins

There are three categories of plugins implemented in Zenphoto. The category you most likely will experience is plugins that extend the functionality of themes. These are Template Plugins and Filters.

  1. Template Plugins add optional functions to the repertoire of capabilities available to theme designers. (...)

Older versions archive

Here you can download older versions of Zenphoto. The latest official release can be downloaded from the download page or our GitHub releases page. There you also find all newer release from 1.4.4 onwards. 

The most recent development build can be downloaded from the GitHub development page.
(there's also a link for the development build called [version] Support build (GitHub) on the download page)

The archive for older releases than 1.4.4 will return later. If you really need an older version please contact us via the contact page or the forum.

Generally we recommend to only use the latest as we are only able to provide minimal support for older versions.