Zenphoto is a minor bugfix release of the recent 1.4.1 branch.

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. See the changes on trac for more information.

PHP4 no longer supported with Zenphoto 1.4.1

We have intended to drop support for ancient versions of PHP and MySQL--see It seems this has come sooner than anticipated for PHP version 4. The Zenphoto 1.4.1 release will generate PHP errors in several critical functions due to parameter changes we have made.

We have decided that the effort to change these references so that PHP 4 does not fault is both undesirable for the future of Zenphoto and potentially too destabilizing to the current release.

For this reason Zenphoto 1.4.1 and onward now requries PHP 5 or higher. We regret this post-facto notice. We did not notice this as we are working on PHP 5.2+ (as noted on the Zenphoto requirements page as well).

If your site is running on PHP4 you will need to change to PHP 5 or newer before you (...)

Turkish translation

Zenphoto requirements

It was with great interest that we read the following announcement from the people at Wordpress: Are You Ready for WordPress 3.2?

Zenphoto has long recommended similar requirements for its installations. Now, however, I think that the handwriting is on the wall. We no longer test in the older PHP and MySQL environments and certainly we will drop their support entirely in the future. Now is the time to prepare your site for this future.

 We have just released Zenphoto 1.4.1, so there will be a reasonable window for you to get ready. Zenphoto 1.4.2 is currently targeted for the end of the year. The decision has not yet been finalized. However, there is some unnecessary overhead on Zenphoto to continue to provide for these ancient versions of PHP and MySQL. All will benefit when they are gone.

If you are an (...)


Zenphoto is a minor bugfix release of the recent 1.4.1 branch.

As usual we recommend all users upgrade for the latest updates and fixes. See the changes on trac for more information.


Collects output of the 'theme_head' filters, parses it into js, css, and other items. CSS or JS files with duplicate base names are reduced to just the first instance. (Paths are ignored.) In-line js is consolidated into one tag.

This is intended as an example of how one might process the output from the 'theme_head' filters.

[Note: this processing takes 0.02 seconds on my test system loading the Garland theme with reasonable collection of plugins. So it may not be appropriate to use it from a performance perspective.]

Issue with 1.4.1 installs

Sadly our package generator script created a small error that results in sites not working and logins failing. We will try to get a new package up soon. But for now you can either update directly from the trunk svn stream or just fix it easily yourself. 

The file in question is in /zp-core/version.php. This file contains a empty first line. Open it via FTP and just remove that line and all should work again (Encountered and tried successfully on our own site).

We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: The package has been fixed. You can re-download and re-install to fix the issue, or follow the step above. The only change was the fix to the version.php file. Thanks for your patience.

Zenphoto 1.4.1

  • New theme added as official: Garland [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Object model improvements [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Performance improvements [sbillard]
  • tinyURL for short URLs introduced [sbillard]
  • Managed album subright for viewing unpublished images [sbillard]
  • Option to obscure cached filenames [sbillard]
  • Plugins
    • sitemap_extended reworked for performance (Note: Behaviour/usage changes) [acrylian, sbillard]
    • tweet_news [sbillard]
    • Federated Logon--logon to Zenphoto with your Google, Yahoo, etc. Open ID [sbillard]
    • ClassAnyfile and ClassWEBDocs support for more file formats [sbillard]
    • Admin-approval--Publish allowed only by user with full rights or manage rights [sbillard]
    • Email-newuser--Sends user e-mail when his credentials are created [sbillard]
    • user (...)


HTML5Media plugin for video and audio handling for Zenphoto built from class-textobject.


This plugin gives Zenphoto something resembling the Flickr "photostream" functionality, displaying all recent images over a series of pages, no matter what album they belong to.