Zenphoto 1.4.1

New theme added as official: Garland [sbillard, acrylian] Object model improvements [sbillard, acrylian] Performance improvements [sbillard] tinyURL for short URLs introduced (…)


HTML5Media plugin for video and audio handling for Zenphoto built from class-textobject.


This plugin gives Zenphoto something resembling the Flickr "photostream" functionality, displaying all recent images over a series of pages, no matter what album they belong to.


A site (front end) using ZenphotoCMS should work without cookies. There may however be certain things that don't work as expected. A list of cookies ZenphotoCMS uses by default. This list refers to cookies Zenphoto, offical themes or (…)

Back to top

This plugin prints a "Back To Top" link at the right buttom of your blog section. Of course you have to use the Zenpage plugin. The link will only be printed on the "news.php" and "pages.php"   

How to create custom TinyMCE configurations

In the root plugins folder create a new folder called tinymce4 Inside the new tinymce4 folder create a new folder called config Go to zp-core/zp-extensions/tinymce4/config and copy any or all of the (…)

File and folder permissions

Zenphoto defaults the permissions for files and folders based on the file permissions of the /zp-core folder. This usually is the correct setting. However some server configurations may not work with this (…)

Troubleshooting guide

We have restructured the troubleshooting guide a bit recently. This collector articlce is now obsolete. Please now use the category Troubleshooting itself to find related articles.


A plugin to generate a file download list. This download folder can be relative to your Zenphoto root (foldername) or external to it (../foldername). By default the uploaded folder is chosen so (…)


Overrides of the publish handling such that only a user with ADMIN_RIGHTS or MANAGE_ALL_object rights may mark an object published.