Overrides of the publish handling such that only a user with ADMIN_RIGHTS or MANAGE_ALL_object rights may mark an object published.  


This plugin provides a facility to periodically run the Zenphoto backup utility. Use it to insure that database backups are done on a regular basis. NOTE: The website must be visited for this plugin to be able to check if (…)


Use this plugin to handle filetypes that are not otherwise provided for by Zenphoto as "images". Default thumbnail images may be created in the plugins/class-AnyFile folder. The naming convention is (…)


Plugin handler for certain standard document formats. These are displayed by a WEBdocs provider e.g. Google Docs viewer. The item is displayed in an iFrame sized based on the image size option. Of course, your site must be (…)


This plugin deals with functions that have either been altered* or removed** from mainstream Zenphoto completely. * Altered functions have deprecated parameters. ** Removed functions are not maintained and they are not guaranteed to (…)


Sends new users an e-mail message urging the user to change his password. It contains a link allowing them to do a password reset.  


Interface to federated login handlers The plugin will use a federated login such as Google Accounts as a logon server. If the logon succeeds it will log that user onto Zenphoto. An attempt will be made to match the user to an existing (…)


Places security information in a security log. The logged data includes: the ip address of the client browser the type of entry the user/user name the success/failure the (…)


When enabled, Zenphoto users will appear not to be logged-in when viewing gallery pages.  


Back-end WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE 3.x You can place your own additional custom configuration files within plugins/tiny_mce/config (e.g. filename.js.php)