This plugin deals with functions that have either been altered* or removed** from mainstream Zenphoto completely.
* Altered functions have deprecated parameters.
** Removed functions are not maintained and they are not guaranteed to function correctly with the current version of Zenphoto.

The default settings cause an E_USER_NOTICE error to be generated when the function is used. The text of the error message will tell you how to replace calls on the deprecated function. The error message can be disabled to allow your scripts to continue to run. Visit the deprecated-functions plugin options. Find the function and uncheck the box by the function.

A utility button is provided that allows you to search themes and plugins for uses of functions which have been deprecated. Use it to be proactive in replacing or changing these items.



Sends new users an e-mail message urging the user to change his password. It contains a link allowing them to do a password reset.



Interface to federated login handlers

The plugin will use a federated login such as Google Accounts as a logon server. If the logon succeeds it will log that user onto Zenphoto. An attempt will be made to match the user to an existing Zenphoto user. If such is found, then the user is logged in as that Zenphoto user. If not, a Zenphoto user will be created and logged in.

The default privileges for a created user are obtained from the viewers group. (The user will belong to that group.) This will be the case whether or not the user_groups plugin is enabled. If you want to be able to specify unique default priviledges you will have to use the user_groups plugin at least until you have defined your default group.

You may also find the user_expiry plugin useful in conjunction with this plugin. Since users may arbitrarily be created from those visitors who login with their federated credentials you may want to "age" these users and (...)


Places security information in a security log.

The logged data includes:

  • the ip address of the client browser
  • the type of entry
  • the user/user name
  • the success/failure
  • the authority granting/denying the request
  • Additional information, for instance on failure, the password used



When enabled, Zenphoto users will appear not to be logged-in when viewing gallery pages.



Back-end WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE 3.x

You can place your own additional custom configuration files within plugins/tiny_mce/config (e.g. filename.js.php)



Use to tweet new objects as they are published.



Set the "interval" to the number of days before expiration. Upon expiration, the user will be "disabled". He will not have login access to the gallery.

If the user visits the gallery within one week prior to his expiry date an email will be sent to the user (if there is an email address) warning him of the impending expiration.

There is a subtab added to the "admin" tab for managing expirations. A list of users without ADMIN_RITGHTS will be presented indicating each user's expiry date. Dates within one week of expiry are shown in orange, expired dates are shown in red.

From this tab the user may be removed, disabled (enabled) or renewed. Renewal is for a new "interval" from his last renewal (or the current date if adding the interval would not bring him up-to-date.)

NOTE: This plugin does not expire users with ADMIN_RIGHTS!



Provides users a means to log in or out from the theme pages.

Place a call on printUserLogin_out() where you want the link or form to appear.

Zenphoto now Tweets

Beginning with the Zenphoto 1.4.1 release Zenphoto has the ability to Tweet news and other newly published items. See the tweet_news plugin.

The Tweet for this article and for the Zenphoto 1.4.1 announcement are courtesy of this plugin.