A plugin for preloading images via JavaScript for faster single image view browsing.

Zenphoto 1.2.8

We're pleased to announce the release of Zenphoto 1.2.8. The changelog is the same as the Release Candidate a short time ago.

We recommend everyone upgrade to this release as soon as possible. As always, you can download it from the front page of

Hope everyone has a happy new year!

Zenphoto 1.2.8 RC

The first release candidate for Zenphoto 1.2.8 is now available for download and testing from our download page. Please note that we have taken down the official 1.2.7 release as we feel the RC is more stable. This mainly because of the recent quite major bug discovery.

Zenphoto 1.2.8 changelog

  • Major bugfix for accidentally deleted image descriptions when refreshing meta data [sbillard]
  • Search and tags for Zenpage pages and news articles [sbillard]
  • Plugins:
    • Image_album_statistics plugin: first image link option [acrylian]
  • Themes
    • Zenpage search support in Efferscence+ [sbillard]
    • Zenpage search and tags support in Zenpage-default [acrylian]
    • Lots of minor bugfixes and improvements

Workaround to prevent accidentally deleted image descriptions in 1.2.7!

It just has been discovered that under certain circumstances all of your image descriptions could be cleared if you refresh the meta data. This could happen if you have Exif/IPTC data in the image but not a description. The same applies to the title.

We therefore strongly advise anyone to backup the database before any update to 1.2.7 and before any meta data refresh. You could of course also try the nightly build where this issue has been fixed.

Since we are a small team we have only one developement stream that is under continous developement so that we can't provide a bugfix release inbetween. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.


Enable this filter to scan images (or xmp sidecar files) for metadata.

Relevant metadata found will be incorporated into the image (or album object)
See Adobe XMP Specification for xmp metadata description. This plugin attempts to map the xmp metadata to Zenphoto or IPTC fields.

If a sidecar file exists, it will take precedence (the image file will not be examined.) The sidecar file should reside in the same folder, have the same prefix name as the image (album), and the suffix .xmp. Thus, the sidecar for image.jpg would be named image.xmp.

NOTE: dynamic albums have an .alb suffix. Append .xmp to that name so that the dynamic album sidecar (...)


Use to overlay thumbnail images with icons depending on the state of the image.

Thumbnails may be flagged with the following icons:

  • : New—images whose date (or mtime) are within the selected "range" of the current day.
  • : Protected—images which are in a password protected album or because a parent album is password protected.
  • : Un-published—images that are marked as not visible.
  • : Geotagged—images which have latitude/longitude information in their metadata.

The icon with which the thumbnail is flagged is selectable by option. The above standard icons are (...)


PHP Class to handle TrackBacks (send/ping, receive, retreive, detect, seed, etc...). Provides trackback functionality to comments. Tracksbacks are available for images and albums as well as for Zenpage news articles and pages.  Trackback pings currently only available for news articles and pages.

Known bug: Currently does not work with sites in subdomains!


Mailing using Sourceforge PHPMailer classes

Configure the plugin options as necessary for your e-mail server.


PHP sendmail mailing handler.