Re-running setup files

Sometimes Zenphoto will request you to re-run the setup scripts and doing that lists files that might be a problem. This is a security measure if Zenphoto detects a change on your install. These can be files whose file time is off to the rest of (…)


Server requirements To operate Zenphoto efficiently, you need (our setup script will also tell you about possible problems): A web server with at least 25Mb of free space (plus free space for images and (…)

Content of the Zenphoto package

The Zenphoto package consists of these root items after extracting. This is what you need to upload.  Note: Your FTP program should be set to merge files within the package folders with folders in an existing insallation. (…)

Versioning (Release number info)

Please note the following definitions on what each of the digits in our release numbering signifies. Since 1.4.7 we generally (try to follow) semantic versioning: Major release: (…)

Builds (Support build vs development build)

There are two builds on the Zenphoto download page additionally to the official release: 1. Support build This is also called the master in GitHub terms and represents the next official bugfix/maintainance release. If (…)

Global variables

This list of common global variables Zenphoto uses internally can be useful for developing extra theme functions or plugins. The usage of these is aimed at the more web developing experienced user as they primarily are to be used with the (…)

User rights

Zenphoto has several classes of users. Each is endowed with different capabilities. This article provides an overview of the capabilities this user model provides. Users and user rights Zenphoto users are granted rights when their user (…)

Release of Zenphoto 1.1.7

The Zenphoto team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.7. This release includes many bug fixes from 1.1.6, with improvements especially in the localization libraries and translations. See the full changelog post for more (…)

Zenphoto 1.1.7

Translation support improved [sbillard, acrylian, trisweb] French translation [fetard] Dutch translation [Vincent] Traditional Chinese translation [fatman] German translation [acrylian] Tag Management (…)

Dutch translation