Watch the ZenPhoto Demonstration Videos

We have set up three videos that show the ease of use of ZenPhoto. You can watch the installation and upgrade process and take a tour through the admin backend.

ZenPhoto Demonstration Videos

A guide to our functions guide

We have posted a short guide that hopefully will make it easier for you to work with our functions guide: How to read the Zenphoto functions guide

How to read the Zenphoto Functions Guide

When you first look at our functions guide it might look confusing and you may not understand what exactly it is telling you. You might ask "why don't they just write an understandable and readable guide that even non-developers can understand at first glance?" Well, actually the guide is not that hard to read once you get into it.

We are constantly updating and changing things, so that would take too much of our time write a guide manually. If one of us writes or changes a new function, he comments it within the source code directly on top of the function. You might have seen that if you looked at the template-functions.php file for example. We then use the standard auto-documentation tool phpDocumentor that generates the functions guide from these source code's comments. This way we can easily update it with one click anytime we need to.

So let's take a closer look at one of the more (...)

Zenphoto Plugin Architecture documented.

The next release of Zenphoto supports plugins for adding functionality. See the architecture document.

Get release announcements by e-mail

For those of you who would like e-mail notification of new Zenphoto releases, we've set up a mailing list on Google Groups that you can join.It is announce-only and will only be used for release or other important zenphoto announcements, and nothing else.

We hope it's useful for you. Enjoy!

Photogabble updates zenphoto to wordpress plugin

Photogabble has just released version 1.8 of his Zenphoto to Wordpress Plugin which now works with Zenphoto 1.1.5 and Wordpress 2.3. Read more in Photogabble's post or visit the plugin page directly .
The link has been added to the Wordpress Plugin section of our extensions page, too.

Dreamhost offers zenphoto as 1 click install!

We just learned that Dreamhost, one of the biggest hosts in the US, now offers zenphoto as a 1 click install option in favor of Gallery 2.
"And I guess that also explains why Gallery, the photo management software we offer as a one-click install is SO crazy confusing, slow, and horrible! I've looked at its source code, and the one thing I could not describe it as is short.

Which is why for our new EASY one-clicks, I've decided NOT to port Gallery over. Not even a little. INSTEAD, we're giving "zenphoto" (notice the stylishly understated all-lowercase-ness) a try. It doesn't allow you to do all the fancy-shmancy things Gallery does like sell your pictures or order prints, but it is super-simple to use to upload, organize, and view photos!"

We are a little proud of this, since Gallery is a well-tried program, too. And that "missing" feature we probably will get included, too. (...)

ZenPhoto 1.1.5 visualized

If you ever wanted to know what goes on under the surface of your ZenPhoto gallery, take a look at this new and official Zenphoto diagram.

Zenphoto 1.1.5 Announcement

We are pleased to announce the second Zenphoto release of this month, version 1.1.5. This version brings a few major improvements and new features, as well as significantly improving the efficiency of Zenphoto. New features include Boolean expressions in searches, which allow you to do such things as "dogs | cats" and combine results for both, Dynamic Albums, which are a way to create an album out of a search phrase (or boolean combination of search terms), a long-requested feature for Multiple administrators with different rights or abilities.

With this release we've also achieved major performance improvements across the board (nearly 4x faster page load times for large albums, benchmark results coming soon), and improvements to the efficiency of the EXIF library and caching, resulting in snappier gallery browsing and an even faster Zenphoto than before.

Thanks to all who helped with (...)

Zenphoto 1.1.5

  • Performance improvements [trisweb]
  • Security improvements [sbillard]
  • Boolean expressions for searches [sbillard]
  • Dynamic Albums [sbillard]
  • Multiple Admins with varying rights [sbillard]
  • various bugfixes
  • Full list of resolved issues on Trac