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Google group for zenphoto translators opened

We have opened a group for translators to inform you if we for example plan a new release so that the translations need to be updated or similar things regarding translations. Please sign in here: http:/ (…)

Call For Translators: Zenphoto Becomes International!

We've finally managed to implement localization for Zenphoto! Translation capability is now available in the 1.1.6 release. The current implementation requires the native gettext extension installed in the PHP on your server. We hope later to add a (…)

Translating Tutorial

Note 1: This tutorial refers mainly to the development build of Zenphoto since localization/translation is a work in progress. Zenphoto includes a file "zp-core/functions-l18n.php" that contains a prefdefined list of (…)

Zenphoto 1.1.6

Localization (beta) [acrylian, aitf311, sbillard] German translation [acrylian] Full size image protection improvements [sbillard] Plugin sytem including several default plugins [sbillard, acrylian] Slideshow (plugin) (…)

New theming tutorial available

We finally managed to finish a new theming tutorial. Actually it is a largely updated version of the (…)

The poll is out of order

Sadly the update to Wordpress 2.5 broke the poll plugin we had installed to see what features gain the most interesst by you, our users. Additionally the author of that plugin does not support it anymore. We haven't found a replacement yet. So for (…)

Watch the ZenPhoto Demonstration Videos

We have set up three videos that show the ease of use of ZenPhoto. You can watch the installation and upgrade process and take a tour through the admin backend. ZenPhoto Demonstration Videos