Zenphoto 1.1.4

  • Improves system configuration checks in setup.php [sbillard]
  • Zenphoto function guide [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Password protection improvements [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Comments on albums [sbillard]
  • Admin pages enhancements [sbillard, aitf311, acrylian]
  • Mod_rewrite rules for TAGS, Search Fields [sbillard, acrylian]
  • Simple Captcha for comment form validation [gregb34, sbillard]
  • Site defined custom data fields for images and albums [sbillard]
  • Fixes for HTML, XSS, and SQL injection vulnerabilities [trisweb, acrylian, sbillard]
  • Boolean logic on tokens for searches [sbillard]
  • Option for full image quality [sbillard]
  • Album rating [acrylian]
  • Full list of resolved issues on Trac

Functions guide finally available

Nearly in time for the New Year we finally managed to get up a proper functions guide that now replaces the old improvised version on the Trac. It's generated using PhpDoc. Currently it includes all template functions you can use for theming.You can reach it directly via or via our user guide page.

Vote for your favorite feature!

Since zenphoto relies heavily on its community, we have added a poll on our news section for you to vote what new features you would like to see in future versions of zenPhoto.

We only list feature requests that have tickets posted on the Trac. So if you want to add a feature request, that's the place to say so. The features getting the most votes will be set on our priority list.

May the best feature win...:-)

Update: Sorry, the poll function is broken currently. We try to fix it soon.

Update #2: The poll is now fixed and working.

Zenphoto 1.1.3

  • Integrated setup and upgrade, makes both easier [sbillard]
  • Setup now performs a system setup, corrects many issues on its own, otherwise lets you know what to fix [sbillard]
  • Password protection for gallery/albums [sbillard]
  • Significantly improved administration tools [sbillard]
  • Removed admin pass from zp-config and encrypted it in the DB table [sbillard]
  • Pre-caching of images [sbillard]
  • Additional IPTC fields [sbillard]
  • Global album sort including ascending/descending. Album inheritance of these settings [sbillard]
  • Full list of resolved issues on Trac

Welcome to the new zenphoto site!

Zenphoto 1.1.2


Zenphoto 1.1.1

    • Simplified the install process by getting rid of a lot of the fields in zp-config.php [sbillard]
    • Email your password from the admin login [sbillard]
    • Ability to sort in ascending or descending [sbillard]
    • Full list of resolved issues on Trac


Zenphoto 1.1

  • Subalbum administration including ordering, deleting, editing, uploading, etc. #6 [sbillard, trisweb]
  • Subalbum paging. #2 [sbillard]
  • RSS feeds for gallery, albums and comments. #7 [WillHamilton, thinkdreams, Alenonimo, acrylian]
  • EXIF display #4 [trisweb]
  • Download complete album as zip using: printAlbumZip() #32 [mankind]
  • Password protected theme (temporary solution); load the theme 'default-pass' #46 [La0c00n]
  • Support for Videos (flv, mov, 3gp): ZenVideo #54 [La0c00n]
  • Geospatial Visualization (Google (...)

Zenphoto dynamic theme concept

I started working on a Zenphoto theme to sort of mimic the performance of Google’s Picasa Web Albums service (which is very nice, and was recently upgraded to 1 GB of free storage, see my public albums there for a good example).

Picasa-Web made huge strides in the usability of online photo viewing, in my opinion. The main advantage was the quick loading of previous and next images when browsing an album in the one-image view (where most browsing takes place, or at least, where the user cares most about speed). It was all done in JavaScript and AJAX, of course, and images were even loaded in low-res (pixelated) first so you at least saw something if you were too fast for your connection.

The other real speed improvement came unexpected–simply using the ‘onMouseDown’ event instead of ‘onClick’ to trigger the image switch. It’s incredible how much faster the (...)


Zenphoto was released quietly yesterday. Yep, there’s a .2 after that! Like you’d expect from software released without unit testing, we encountered several little bugs in the 1.0.8 version, followed by another bug in, hence,, which is now looking good.

Download Zenphoto Here!

This is a larger release than the minor point makes it seem, with many changes to the core code and how things work under the hood. Read the changelog for more juicy info, or check Trac for constant updates. Read below for sweet details about this big point release…

One of the biggest changes is that images that have been cached are now detected and served directly from cache– no more going through i.php for every single image. This reduces traffic, helps with caching, and improves performance and page load (...)